Quality Time : No gadgets please !

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The greatest gift you can give someone is your TIME. Because when you give your time. You give a portion in your live that you will never get back.

Last night, someone tell me a thing that i think it’s true. He said “I love when you are with me. You’re not a gadget addict. You know which one is on line and which one is offline.”

Well… now a days some people forget about the true life. They will always busy with their phone everywhere. Such as when they  have dinner or lunch they won’t   chit-chat with the others and busy with their own gadget.
Pity them, right?
For me… quality time between couple  is You and Me sitting in the comfortable sofa with the
television on. No . I mean, You and Me stay at home sitting in the comfortable sofa looking each other and talk about our life our love and our vision it will be the sweetest one :)

It will be better than you have a meal in the shopping complex or going to the landmark, walking around but you are still busy with your gadget. :)
Turn off your gadget when you are with the one who you love. That is a special gift that you can give to him.

Quality time is romantic. Trust me :)

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