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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The potential location for tourism in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is a great place to enjoy the beauty of nature. Tourism destination like Prambanan, Parangtritis, and Malioboro have been familiar to you, isn’t it? Torism Potential that is almost equivalent to the beauty in the various lines – ranging from shopping complex, cultural attractions, the beauty of the sea, No wonder if Yogyakarta become a favourite destination of thousands tourists who visit there every year.

But, when explored further, actually there is a lot of potential tourism in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas are interesting but not too known. Where is the tourism destination for holiday in Yogyakarta? In this article Hip wee write down some of them especially for you.

1. Start your journey with hunting sunrise in the Peak of Suroloyo.

No need to climb the mountain for enjoying the sunrise above the clouds. Suroloyo peak located at Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo, DIY offers the charm of sunrise with clouds stretch of not less cool than the famous mountains in Yogyakarta. From the highest viewing post at 1,019 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the scenery of four amazing mountain they are Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, and Sindoro also the beautiful view of Borobudur temple that sometimes shrouded by cloud veil from afar.
To get amazing scenery in the Peak of Suroloyo need more effort. You have to climb about 290 stairs to get to the peak. And according to legend, this place used to be the location where Raden Mas Rangsang got her private place to get his inner power. Raden Mas Rangsang is the Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma, the person who becomes the rule of Java Island.

2. Enjoy the beautiful sunset reflection of Sermo Reservoir Surface in Kalibiru, Kulon Progo.

Kalibiru with Sermo Reservoir as background. Via tweeter
Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo, there is a beautiful place that is perfect for enjoying the sinking twilight. Kalibiru is the name of a village and jungle tours located in the Kokap district, Kulon Progo. Due to concerns of citizens in keeping one of their livelihoods, Kalibiru become attractive ecotourism sites which well maintained.
In this place, you can enjoy tracking with the green trees background. To visiting kalibiru, you charge three thousand Rupiah (Rp. 3.000) only. There is a cool place to taking pictures here, which is a small wooden platform located at the top of a pine tree. To rise to the top, you have to climb the bamboo ladder. From here, Sermo Reservoir seems clearly from far distance. Wait until nightfall and golden light reflecting on the surface of the reservoir.

3. Find the romance with sweet twilight and chance of adrenalin in the Parang Endog Hill.

Parangtritis Beach located in Bantul, exactly 27 km south of the city of Yogyakarta is very famous. But, we will not talk about this beach. At the east end of Parangtritis, there is a cool place that is commonly used as a runway paragliding, called Parang Endog Hill.
If you are interesting to try this paragliding, you can do a tandem paragliding with experience pilots and paying around three hundred thousand rupiah (Rp. 300.000) to fly. But if you are afraid to fly, this place is also fun to hang out. From the top of the hill you can see the beauty of Parangtritis from height. Sunset view from up here is awesome, you know!

4. Don’t forget to go up to the foot of Mount Merapi. You can feel how people of Yogyakarta fight and face the disaster of Merapi Eruption in mini Musium from their house called “Sisa Hartaku”.

Merapi eruption in the end of 2010 ago still left melancholy memories in the minds of the Kepuharjo villagers that located on the slopes of the most active volcanoes. But, instead of continuing to memorise, Mr. Riyanto change the remnants of his property into a small museum that is interesting.
Sisa Hartaku Musium exhibiting defective objects which damage by smoke and fumes from the explosion called wedhus gembel. All the property arranged in the rubble of the Mr Riyanto’s house. Although simple, this place is full of meaning; he exhibited the silent witness stuff that was force by heat clouds and the heat of it reaches thousands of degrees. There is a carcass of cattle bones, carcasses of motorcycle, traditional music instrument that also looks burnt, and as well as a number of other stuff.

5. Enjoy the Cave tubing in Kalisuci. This is your chance to have experience for free sliding and enjoy the beauty of the earth.

Cave Tubing in Kalisuci via
Cave tubing is an activity inside cave using tires or body rafting to crossing the river which located inside of the earth. In recent years, Cave tubing is the raising activity in Goa Pindul, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. This place is always packed by tourists. But, there is one more cave tubing activity which not less exciting, namely Kalisuci.
Kalisuci located in the village Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul. This place called Kalisuci because here there is a water spring that formed above the river which is very clear and remains clear despite the muddy river water during the rainy season. By paying 5 thousand rupiah for retribution and cave tubing package of 70 thousand rupiah, you can enjoy adventure down the river in the bowels of the earth.

6. Visit the Sambisari Temple in Purwomartani village. You can tread the famous ancient Hindu civilization.

Candi Sambisari via
If you visit Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, you have to stop by in Sambisari Temple that located in Purwomartani. There is a small Hindu temple named Sambisari. This temple was discovered by a farmer in 1966 in an area which was originally a rice field. The archaeologist takes 21 years to reconstruct this temple stones.

Uniquely, this temple complex is 6.5 meters lower than the surrounding land. This temple does not have a lot of reliefs or decoration, but you can see the statue of Goddess Durga, wife of Shiva. Faced with the main temple, there are three accompanying temple is no longer intact. There’s no harm to trying and visit this beautiful archaeological sites, especially the entry of this tourism is free, very profitable.

7. Calm dawn your mind with the peace of typical nature in the Curug Indah Waterfall at Tegalrejo, Gunung Kidul.

Administratively, Curug Indah Waterfall is located in Tegalrejo, east end of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. However, local people also call it the Bayat Waterfall, because of this location adjacent to Bayat, Klaten. To go to this place, it is faster if you pass Klaten then turn south to Bayat. From Yogyakarta, you can get to the Curug Indah Tergalrejo Waterfall within 1 hour, by car or motorbike.
Curug Indah Waterfall which is still relatively low visitor consists of several terraced waterfall and green shaded by trees on either side. If you have the guts, you can try to jump off the cliff into the waterfall below. But be careful, because the waterfall is quite shallow. Don’t let yourself actually injured while on vacation.
To come to this waterfall, you only charge for parking that managed by local people. In Curug Indah Waterfall you can feel the atmosphere of typical rural clearly. You may not meet fellow tourists here but you will meet precisely local residents and school’s children who deliberately stop by to refresh their body with water from the springs. Peace, quiet, and traditional. That is to describe of the Curug Indah Tegalrejo Waterfall.

8. Enjoy the hidden paradise in Pok Tunggal Beach.

Gunung Kudul is famous with several white sandy beach. But, there is a unique beach that hidden between the cliffs and coral. It is Pok Tunggal beach.
To get to the Pok Tunggal beach, you can use the vehicle or tracking from the east side of Indrayanti Beach. Here, there is a duras tree and it’s become an icon of this beach. The name of Pok Tunggal beach formed by this tree because Duras tree is the only one (Tunggal) vegetation here. Duras tree has only one basic tree (Pok), thus making the people around this place naming the beach as Pok Tunggal in java language.
Several years ago, Pok Tunggal beach was very quiet. It was not any tourists who come here. But now, Pok Tunggal beach is already known. If you want to feel the beach is like a private beach, do not visit here on weekends – but come on weekdays. Once more, do not climbing the tree which becoming the icon of this beach, I mean Duras tree. This tree is very valuable meaning for local people.

9. Jogja has Goa Jomblang Cave, where you can feels the spot light of heaven though you are a human.

If you are interested in caving, you have to visit Goa Jomblang. Goa Jomblang located in karst Gunung Kidul this is a vertical cave that stores any unique things. To reach the bottom of the cave you have to use special equipment safety standards maintained and accompanied by a guide. Jomblang Goa travel costs quite expensive, around Rp 450.000,00 for 2 people.
For those who are want not spend more money to hire the tools or already have your own tools, better you try the single rope technique before visiting here, because the track that you should to go to get into the cave is quite extreme.
The best time to visit this cave is approximately at 10:00 to 12:00, because the position of the sun is high so you can see the ‘light of heaven’. In the cave there is also an ancient forest that has unique vegetation. The beauty of this cave is guaranteed to make you amazed. Just in Goa Jomblang you can feel a bit of a sensation of heaven while still existed as a human.

10. If you feel Jogja is too hot, turn to the south. There is Mangunan Pine Forest in Dlingo, Bantul.

Why Jogja is getting hot right now. Well, Mangunan pine forest is very suitable for you who want to escape for a while from the sun Yogyakarta. Located in the hills in the area Dlingo, Bantul, this forest offers coolness and scenery you rarely find in other places. Therefore, this place is often used as a shooting location or hunting photos. If you are satisfied take pictures, you can also go on to the orchard Mangunan which is not far from here.


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